02 February 2010

Templar Tuesdays (2)

It's Tuesday again, and with it comes the next picture of my Templars.  This one is especially bad, maybe after this I'll take new photo's to put up here.  Notice the unfinished bases, or even the different color bases...  Not one Templar in my army has a finished base, back then I just wasn't interested in that part, I just wanted to get them painted and onto the table top as fast as possible.

Now, when I first started BT I had painted all these guys bog standard white shoulders and black armor.  Then over the years as I expanded as saw other BT and SM armies, I tried incorporating different aspects of what I'd seen.  For example I decided that anyone in the squad could have a back banner, and they back banners would all be different.  I used heads from Chaos or from the Wolves, and I tried to modify the armor a bit to match some of the armor seen in GW drawings as seen here or here, or created by people like Scibor.

Na ya, it was fun, but as you've probably noticed by the name of this blog, no matter what I tried with my BT I was always pulled back towards Imperial Guard.

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