17 February 2010

Heads up Display (Warhound pt. 5)


While discussing this project on the "Boot Camp" Imperial Guard Forum one of the members said I should make a HUD for my Warhound.   These are the only pictures from the 30 or so that I took that are presentable enough to be shown here.


It's not exactly the best photograph, it also isn't exactly my best work, but it get's the point across pretty good.  I mounted it on the roof of the head so that it's still removable to look inside the cockpit itself.   Next up is going to be the weapon arms,  I was able mount them so that they are not only removable but also so that they rotate and elevate!


  1. That's really nice, excellent touch mate.

  2. A very cool little touch to push it over the top. I particularly like how you've used perspective to make the scren appear rounded--or am I such a dolt that it's actually rounded? Either way, great work!

  3. Sorry Warhammer, it's actually rounded. I used plastic from a Blister pack, cut it to shape and then laid it out and painted it. I sort of had an idea of where I wanted things from the beginning so that it wouldn't be to clustered in the middle.