16 February 2010

Black Templar Marshal (BTT pt. 4)


Ah, yes this was my first incarnation in the 40K realm.  You'll see that his name is Argos, and seeing that he's a Marshal you'll understand where I originally got "Marshal Argos" from.  Nowadays I've used the term for my Guard army because I use my BT anymore.    I love this mini, and I think I did a decent job painting him, even though I see now that the pic is a bit blurry.  The base on the other hand is horrible, and it was my first time trying something like that...

For those of you wondering, the shoulder guard and grieves are both made with Cereal box.  I have green stuff but why waste on on things that could be made simpler and faster using other methods.   

I've also decided to clean my BT up a bit and will be posting new comparison shots starting sometime next month. That should be interesting, you'll be able to see some of my original BT next to ones that I painted a few years later, and you'll still notice that the paint job sucks...  ;)

Well, here's to next week, prost!

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