22 January 2010

Warhound Poll

So I've sitting here today trying to come up with a name for the Warhound Titan that I'm building and I've got it down to 4 choices.  They are:
Virtus Canis
Canis Vulpis
Canis Antagonistes
Invicuts Canis

Now my favorite is Canis Vulpis.  Not sure why, I think I just like how it sounds, so now I'm interested in hearing what you all think.  The poll is on the right and will be up for a week so get started and vote for your favorite!

Oh, and here's an updated pic with the latest progress:


  1. I downloaded a pdf of that template last night, but I'm still a little chicken to make it. I'm living vicariously through you for now (looking great so far!)

    Also, I agree: Canis Vulpis all the way.

  2. Invictus Canis would be great, but I can't see any problem in Canis Vulpis...

  3. I think "Canis Antagonistes" sounds best, so it got my vote. I think a Warhound should certainly antagonize it's enemies!

  4. @The Inner Geek. That's exactly my thoughts as well, and the reason it's on my list!

    @Mr. Esty/Fernando. Thanks for the votes both you, Like I've said It's nice to see what other think.