26 January 2010

Templar Tuesdays

Well, in the process of consolidating blogs I decided at the end of last year to merge my Black Templars into this blog.  Now I haven't played these guys regularly for about 4 years so they've been collecting dust in the basement.  In fact most of the pictures that will be popping up every Tuesday from now on are also 4 years old.

Additionally most of these were painted anywhere between 1998 and 2006, so there are varying levels of skill or lack there of.  Indeed, I'm usually ashamed to pull these guys out which I only do for Apoc games.  But I have to say I learned a lot painting these guys.  My first forays into highlighting, painting skin, and shading were here.  They may not be great, but they still hold a place of honor. So, here's to the beginning of what I'll be calling "Templar Tuesdays" as I show a new set of "old" photos every Tuesday, for you amusement.

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