09 January 2010

Painting points system

Well as I mentioned in my last post I plan on using the "Painting for Points" system that so many others used last year.  AFAIK "Lone Pilgrim" came up with this so all credit goes to him.  The idea behind this is that you "earn" points for every model that you paint completely.

Now I'm not sure where I saw this next part but my plan is that at the end of the year I will convert these points into cold hard cash.  In other words the models I paint, the more points I get, the more money I can spend on 40k in the next year.

And here's the Painting System I plan on using.
  1. Infantry = 1 Point
  2. Bikes/Cavalry = 2 points
  3. Dreadnaught/Walker = 5 points
  4. Tank = 10 points
  5. Superheavy Vehicle = 20 point
Now some of you may have already noticed but I've added a new text area on the right side to display the number of points painted so far.   As you can see so far I haven't completed any, but I'm hoping that with a winter storm setting in over Germany this weekend I'll have the chance to change that.


  1. actually i like the idea of this. im spending ALOT of cash on buying stuff i want for my BT army and got boxes crammed everywhere in my house.

    this might be a good thing to finally start painting

  2. Ha, I thought the same thing. I have at least 2000 points of IG/BT/DH laying around the house, so I'm hoping this will help me get some of it painted up.

  3. I found that the mere act of putting a log tracking what I've painted on my blog was a noticeable extra little incentive to check things off. I'm sure the points -> cash scheme probably helps as well. Previously I had a rule that I could only have one drawer in my work desk for new sprues, but that constraint sadly seems to have fallen apart over the holiday, so I'll have to adopt something new as well...