07 December 2009

Stormtrooper Sgt (part 2)

Well I did a little more work on the ST Sgt over the weekend as you can see below.

I removed the powersword and replaced it with a PF that I had in my bitz box.  The PF is actually from the original SM box from way back when and originally had 2 missles on the back.  Those were carefully removed so that they can be used later.

As you can see the highlighting on the fist is a little different, in my mind I envisioned the red highlights to actually be part of the armor color and the grey highlights are just that, highlights.  I still need to paint the unit numbers on, but I need to buy a new bottle of white paint as mine was left next to the heater yesterday and has become a brick...


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  2. I don't mind people not liking the model, we each have our own taste. If you don't like something fine, provide some better ideas and don't just say how much it "sucks", "blows" or how "horrible" or "lame" it is. That said though, some comments are better left to yourself, if you act like a child you will be treated like one.