04 October 2009

Vergnitz IV pattern Chimera’s (part 5)

Well here's the latest on my Chimera's.  I decided to change the color and and added some green in there to match my Infantry.  My fluff originally had these guys as being part of my Armoured Regiment, but that's going to change in the future as well.  There's still quite a bit of detailing to be done yet, I haven't added any scratches or dirt or dirt or weathering at all, and it probably won't get done for a few weeks at least.  You see, I'm STILL waiting on the bits I ordered to finish these guys, and don't want to redo anything if I muck up adding the bits.

You can see that the backs of the tanks are pretty empty, this is just one of the places that my missing bits will fill.  Fuel cans, rucks, and misc gear will go here.  Once the weathering/detailing is done I'll be happy to get close up shots but until then I don't want anyone to see how crappy of a painter I am.   :P


  1. I really like the look of those, nice job mate.

  2. I like your models. How did you do the symbol on the front and side?

  3. The symbols are just cardboard cut out into the right shapes and painted with my army and regiment colors. After that just glue them on where ever you want. I´ve found that this works really well on normal GW models as well, in fact I did most of my Templar symbols like that