19 October 2009

Sometimes I hate Change

and yet I brought it upon myself.   So my old template wasn't compatible with Blogger, and that leads us to the new "temporary" format that we have now.  What I noticed with the old one was that anyone who was using Internet Explorer couldn't see anything outside of a green screen.  My first question is, why the heck would anyone still be using IE?   My second and 3rd questions led me to change the format for the foreseeable future until I get the chance to go through the CSS code and fix it.

So, everyone, I hope you've updated the RSS feeds to the one posted on the right, and here's to hoping I get the old format back up soon.  Of course if all else fails I'll just have to come up with something better.

Oh, and just to wet the appitite a little, here's another pic of my upcoming project. I'll put up more pics tomorrow or the day after, depending on how much time I spend working the blog format.

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