19 October 2009

Jumping Ship

Well some of you may have noticed a few problems with the blog this morning, some of you might even notice that the blog looks just a little different... Well if you did notice, the reason is that I've moved from Wordpress to Blogger. Don't get my wrong I like WP, hence the reason I installed it on my server, but the issue was the server itself. I looked into moving my blog to WP's free blog, but without having to pay I couldn't keep my layout, so blogger won out. But it's not a bad thing.

I've been working on importing my content from one to the other over the past week and finally got it done last night. I was going to wait a bit longer to do the swap but finally just decided to take the plunge and do it today. So, I'm hoping for a seamless transition, but I know there will always be issues. The old URL "" will redirect you to my blog, in fact for those of you subscribed, you don't have to change a thing as the feed has been transfered as well. The only links that won't work were links that brought you to specific pages. Unfortunatly WP and Blogger use different naming conventions for their posts, so old links won't work. For those of you that I know have links to my sight I'll send out a short email with the updated links. If you need to update your feed the new feed is:

Well I guess that that's it for me, I hope the change has payed off and the rest of you can still see/enjoy the site. If you want feel free to leave a comment or join the Allies/followers on the left, at least than I'll know if this bloody change worked or if I should brink back the old sight until I find a better solution.

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