22 September 2009

Visitors and info

Well as of yesterday I have enough visitors to fill the stadium.

First off I'd like to say thanks for all the visitors, 313th just went over 20k visitors and the number is still growing. My biggest thanks has to go out to Ron over at From the Warp, in the time that I've been part of the FTW blogger group I have seen my traffic quadruple, I have made contacts throughout the 40k community, and have even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of fellow 40k bloggers. So thanks Ron for coming up with the Blogger Group. Now what I don't know is if anything I put up is really useful...

Which brings me to the next point. Some of you may have also noticed I changed the layout of the blog a little bit. I added a Followers widget and a recent comments area, additionally I removed my old links area and made a few of them into images lower down. I think or hope, that by allowing followers it'll give me, the blogger, that push to actually update the blog more often, and hopefully connect with a few more of you. On that note I hope to get a few more posts lined up to present my views on modeling, and blogging. (yup, FtW has given me a few ideas lately that I'd like to write about.)

see ya'll next time.

++and as I posted this another thanks to "The Engineer" for being my first follower.++

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