16 September 2009

Vergnitz IV pattern Chimera's (part 3)

..... 1 Year Later....

Well it's been a whole year since I touched these guys and I finally decided to pull them out and get'em finished. As you can see from the pics no two actually look the same, just one of the many items on my list to correct. The one in the middle is probably the closest to being finished, as it was also the first of the 3 to be built.

The paint job on them was done in one night about 10 months ago because I wanted to use them in a game and I refuse to use unpainted models so... They'll have to be touched up as well. None of the doors or hatches have finished hinges, and the sides look horrible.

Ah yes... Here's the sides I was referring to. There's almost no detail on the sides and that's something I would like to fix over the next week or so. Additionally the chimera on the right has a different turret than the rest. Yes this will also be rectified, I think, I haven't decided on that point yet.

So in the end I have my work cut out for me. I'm currently waiting on bits I ordered, and some items from "Old Crow Models" as I want to be able to use one of these as a Manticore as well. That's going to mean creating a removable back plate to cover up the rear cargo points... We'll see how this all works out....

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