03 September 2009

Unfinished Projects

So I sit here thinking what shall I work on next, and as I look around my desk, it dawns on me that I have a crap ton of unfinished projects. That said I decided to dig deeper and looked in the box's under my desk and in my carry bag to see what else I have to finish. Here's a list of what I found:

3 Vergnitz IV Pattern Chimeras: 1 is 80% finished while the other 2 are sitting around 60%, I'm thinking of making one so that it could double as a Manticore.

DH Inquisitor and Retinue... Oh I'd guess the whole group is about 70% done.

Marshal Straun and Bodyguard: about 90% finished. With the new IG codex this guy will take the place of Creed.

2 Storm Trooper Squads: Oh, they just need to based and have the unit marking painted on but it's still an eye sore when I look at them.

Projects that are still under 30% completed:

2 Squads of IG

1 IG Veteran squad

Commissar Gaunt model

The new IG advisors.

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