06 September 2009


Well here's the finished Psyker or Astropath. For the time being he is tasked out to the Imperial Guard as I search for the missing parts of my Inquisitor and his warband. I don't think think he is exactly great but he meets the table top standard and that is the most important part of painting for me.

Ok, so maybe TT standards isn't exactly the most important, but I believe that if a mini hits the table it needs to be painted. Hence the reason it's taken my 4 years to build up my current IG army, and the 1k or so points of unfinished models waiting to be painted. Heck, I've had my Black Templars army since the '98 and still have models that haven't been used because I don't feel the paint job on them meets "MY" table top standard.

Next up: I finished Marshal Argos*

* that means sometime in the next 7 days I'll post the pics...

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