28 September 2009

Inquisitor (Part 2)

Well I'm still waiting on the bits to finish my chimera's but while digging around the celler I did find the book that belongs to my Inquisitor so I was able to get him finished up. Below are the pics...

I have the loved the idea of an Inquisitor in blue armour ever since I saw the original artwork for Hand. In fact I kick myself quite often for getting rid of him years ago, why oh why oh why... Anyways, I guess this makes up for it a little bit... I used the picture of Hand in the "Inquis Exterminatus" book as a reference to try to paint the face.

Seeing that this Inquisitor is going to be part of the Ordo Xenos I tried painting a Tyranid inside the book. I'm not the best at free hand but I think it look ok. At least I think it "looks" like some sort of creature, which was the point of course. Now he'll get put on the shelf to collect dust until I get around to finishing up the DW Kill team that will go along with him.


  1. Very nice mate, did you gloss the armour?

  2. Thanks, Originally I had glossed all of the armour but then it really came out too shiny, and well I hate my models shiny. So I went back and used dull cote to dull down about 70% of it and tried to leave just a few places as highlights.