04 August 2009

The (late) start of a new week

Well after sitting on my arse the last few weeks thinking about what I should do next I finally decided to start up on my "Artillery Spotter" or Master of Ordnance. There's still a long way to go but for only an hours work I'm happy with em. There's nothing special about the paint job really the skin is a thinned Elf Flesh, with a thinned out "Brown Ink" , followed up by highlighting again with Elf Flesh. I haven't decided yet if how I'll highlight the uniform... we'll see what kind of crazy idea I get when the time comes.

Next up is the Command Squad for 4th Platoon, Fox Company, 327 Fantoma Infantry Rgt. My IG force is almost a full Company as it is right now, but I've always wanted separate troopers to go with the Chimera's. This Platoon will be next next and will be my Armored Fist platoon. Once they're done, I'll have to go back and repaint the chimeras so that they match...

As you can see they are also a WIP both in putting them together and in painting. The two on the left still have to have their heads removed and replaced so I'm sure i'll have to touch up some of the paint job as well. That's the first thing on the to-do list tomorrow, before I do anymore work. Here's hoping to an update in the next day or so.

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