19 June 2009

Lucky find

Well I don't normally gloat but this one I have to share. I have been looking for a cheap copy of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade book from Black Library for about... 2 years now. I have seen many and most have gone for well over $80 about 50 more than I was willing to pay. About 3 weeks ago my searching turned to foreign language websites, you see I'm from the states but have lived in Germany for the last 5.5 years, so I thought who knows maybe I'll find someone who doesn't know what they have. Well guess what!! That's exactly what I found. Some game and comic book store in Spain was selling the book for 5 Eur so about $7 with shipping it came out to being $10, almost 20 bucks cheaper than what I was willing to pay.

Now I'll admit I was only about 50% sure I would actually get the book, what with all the crap you here about people gitting ripped off on the 'net now'a'days but for $10 meh who cares. The other part of the problem is that I don't know Spanish so online translators did more of the work for me and we all know how crappy those are. Anyways, not to drag this out anymore it came today! Now I was expecting an used book but what I got was a brand spanking new un-used in shrink wrap. As I took it out you could still smell the newiness.... hmmmmm... good. You can see above that I finally have all three BL background books, and for some reason my feels a little more, shall we say... complete.

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