12 June 2009

Incoming... painting has started

Well with the wife home sick this week I haven't been able to get as much done, she keeps coming with "Important" things to do instead of playing with little toys.. sheeesh.. whadaya think this is da real world or something. Well I threw a little paint on the second bassie last night, and picked up another box of IG at the local GW so I'll be finishing up 3rd Plt here real soon. Look out for picks as I get started.

Not much to see here really, first couple of layers are in there and I started the detailing. At this point I'll finish the interior and any major parts next. The final detailing/weathering will come at the end using Tamiya's Weathering Master kits (I love these things). Someday, if I ever start doing more than 1-2 tanks per year and find a new job, I might invest in a spray gun but most likely not this year.

Inside shot, can't see a lot but yes that's a Red Emperorsman Toolbox sitting there on the ledge.

A horrible shot showing the details so far. The edges between the colors needs to be cleaned up yet, I know. Other than that I'll leave it like this until it's time to do the weathering, we'll see how it comes out.

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