21 May 2009

In Coming!! 2nd Bassie

Well I had some time this morning while watching TV with the wife so I thought I'd throw this together. I already have one, but with the new rules I decided a Battery would be better, what's that saying I learned while in the Para's... "One equals none while two equals one". So before I bore you with me random thoughts...

Just a quick view of the rear of the Earthshacker cannon. I know the cannon itself doesn't look great, but hey when all you got is bits, than bits it is.

Rear view after adding the side and rear armor.

Like the SdKfz 124 "Wespe" that I took the ideas from I decided to add a Heavy Stubber to this one. It's mounted on the rear of the front gun shield with a magnet so that I can remove it because of two reasons... One is that I don't always want to use it in game, and the most important is that with the Stubber it doesn't fit in it's carrying case ;)

And the front without the Hvy Stubber. Well it's off to spending time with the wife today, so maybe I'll some time to work on it more over the weekend.

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