15 May 2009

By order of ….

There's only silence from the officers as Colonel Pallidar strolls up to the podium, they can see that whatever news he has it's not good. "Gentlemen, please take your seats" he says addressing the Company and Plt. Leaders. "What I have to say is not going to go over well so you had all better remember what you are. Drop Troopers! Highly motivated and well disciplined. Ready to take down any target the emperor gives us." Pausing he see's them all sit a little straighter, heads held high. Good he thinks, let them bask in the glory a little longer.

"As many of you have noticed our Valkyrie squadrons were loaded onto heavy cargo transports over the last few days. I know there's been a lot of rumors going around about us going up next, moving on to a new war zone, or going home." Laughter sweeps the room, as they all knew that returning was impossible. "Well I'm here to let you know we are not going anywhere. Especially returning to Fantoma, so you can go ahead and forget about that one." continues Col. Pallidar. "I've just returned from a conference with Marshal Straun, and we have in fact received new orders." Cheer's rise in the room, raising his hand, the Col. tries to quite the room. "Gentlemen, now begins the bad news. Someone in the Munitorum screwed the pooch, and transferred all of our Troop carriers to a bunch of green units in the neighboring system, without sending us replacements." The mumbling slowly begins to get louder. "What this means is that we will be fighting as Light Infantry with support from the 73rd until we receive new Valkyrie Squadrons and before you ask, No I do not know when that will happen..."


Coming soon: Photo update from the last game. 1500 pts against BT and the guard came out on top.

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  1. "and the guard came out on top" ....

    I've been hearing that a lot lately :-)

    Very nice bassy mate, is it forgeworld or a conversion?