20 May 2009

313th vs. Black Templars

Warning: Long post with many words and lots of pictures.

I wanted to take a try and write a battle report written as a story, well that ain't gonna happen. I just don't have the time nor the imagination to put whats in my head to paper. So instead I'm going to just put up a series of photos and a basic diagram of the battle. It was my first "true" battle with the new 'dex, and against a new opponent, someone I'll just call "Agent C" visiting Germany for two weeks from Greece. I have to admit I had a great time playing and it was the first time in 3 long years that I played a game in ENGLISH!!! We played capture and control with a standard deployment.

So to start off here's a basic picture after set up. My plan was to conduct a pincer like maneuver with 1st and 2nd Platoons. I joined 2 squads in each to give me 2o man squads, the 3rd squad from each would both stay behind to provide defense for the support teams and company command team, yet still be ready to move up if needed. The 2 gold stars were our objectives I had to not only defend mine but also capture his. I wasn't to worried about defending against his Initiates, it was the 10 man Termie Squad waiting in reserves that really got the heart going.

Just prior to being assaulted... I used FRFSRF twice to try and take out as many SM's as possible, but as you can see from the picture it didn't help as much as I had wanted. At this point in the game he was still making all his saves.

Here's what's left of a twenty man squad, and the Platoon HQ after 2 rounds of CC. The LT didn't last long by himself.

At the start of turn 2 his Termies DS'd right in front of the terrain containing my Support squads, 2 infantry Squads and my Company HQ. In the first turn they wiped out my HB squad. In the 3th turn, they targeted my Company HQ, only the commander himself survived. But the good news is that in my 4th turn shooting phase I wiped them out. "Agent C" just couldn't role enough 2's to save the entire squad, in fact I hit the last termie with 18 lasgun shots and he was still there, it was a SGT with a BP that finally killed him. I do believe decorations are due for him.

Yeah, just a shot of the Basilisk, because it's one of my favorite models.

And at the end of the battle here's where we stood. My Plt HQ ran in the last two shooting phases to get 6 inches from his Objective, still to far away to claim it. On my side of the field though I still had a full squad sitting on my objective and "Agent C's" EC was 5" away. It may not be pretty but it was the first game and first win for the 313th with the new Codex.

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