09 April 2009

Finished Banner

Well I finished the banner yesterday and after posting it up on a few boards I got the question on how I made it so I'll just give a quick run down of the process. Maybe it will help others who are looking at doing the same sort of thing. Ron over at FtW has done a something along these lines as well using cardstock (his post is HERE). That's something I did for all my BT Banners years ago and can't agree with more. The difference this time is that I had a banner from Warhammer Fantasy that I wanted to use so I had to draw it on the banner before painting.

The first thing I did is drew up so rough drafts to get an idea of what I wanted to do. After deciding on the layout, I carefully copied the drawing with a pencil onto the banner. The trick is patience, and a steady hand. Don't be afraid to go back and paint over mistakes to get it right. Once the outline is drawn on just paint in between the lines to get the final banner. For the lettering, I drew two lines, much like the paper you use when your learning to write, one above and one below. Then carefully painted the letters between the lines, when done I just went back and painted over the lines with the background color. The finished product can be seen below...


  1. that was bad, I couldn't remember my own web address then :S

    Great job on this, and a nice piece of banner

  2. Nice work, though your pics never load properly for me - they're always hanging off the bottom of the screen!