16 December 2008

Which came first, the army or the List?

This weeks ++From the Warp++ round table discussion is, as stated above, how did I (we) build my last army, and what would I recommend to someone just starting out. Oh, and to keep it under 5 sentences.... I think that's possible but we'll see as I write this.

So what came first? The army and fluff came first, the lists are made later prior to each game based on how I feel like playing that day. In other words I wanted an IG army so I thought up a little fluff for a drop troop regiment that gets a little support by armored units, think Operation Market Garden from WW2. You know where 3 Airborne Division capture bridgeheads deep behind German lines and the XXX Armored Corps is supposed to move up and relieve them. Well it didn't work quite as planned, but that doesn't really matter here. What it did though is help me find my army. After doing this I quite literally went out and started buying what I needed, 150 troopers, armor, heavy wpn squads, etc... etc... Needless to say my wife was starting to wonder what all these boxes were and where all our money was going.

Now of course this is an expensive way to go and is not to everyone's tastes. In fact since moving to Germany the most players I've meet do the opposite, the first build a list and start small. What I mean is they start with a 750 point list and slowly work their way up trying out different units as they go. By all means this not a problem in fact unless your a fluff nut, or someone who enjoys the fluff/hobby side as much as a few of do, then I would recommend this option. That said, if you have the time, money and love to put into your army than buy it all at once and see where it takes you.

Well I'm well over the 5 sentences so it won't hurt to write a little more. What I wanted to share was something I thought of last night after writing this. Why not take the third option and comine the two. What I mean is write a little fluff and background while at the same time creating lists and gradually increasing. This way you create and paint your army to fit your fluff, while trying out different ideas with your lists?

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