28 December 2008

Valdor Update

Well after a nice 40k'less Christmas I got the chance to sit down and do a little work on the new Valdor SHT. The main gun is a combination out of tape, Marker pen, and Super Glue bottles. The rest of the tank, as can be seen is paper and cardboard.

The first pic is a front on shot, showing the drives hatch and gun mount. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the main gun or not, if something new catches my attention in the next few days I will prolly replace it. If not than it will be glued in place. Still have to do the cover though.

Next up is a view of the left side and where the gun will go. I cut out a place to mount the gun like the normal Malcadors just in case. My plan is to build a sponson like FW's and also make a normal one and see what I like better.

And lastly we have a view of the right side, here you get a little better view of the main gun. I'm still working on ideas on what to use to make the power couplings for the main gun. My best idea as of yet is to use straws, you know the bendy ones, I think they'll work pretty good in this case.

Well thats it for now, here's to hoping the bits I ordered get here soon so I can do a little more work later in the week. Comments are of welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job so far. Cardstock/scratchbuilt tanks can be tough to do.

    You have to be able to add enough detail that they don't appear to be "homemade."

    Looking forward to seeing more.
    The gun looks good.