31 December 2008


++++++++++++FAO: Field Marshal Straun, Commander BG-82
++++++Transmitted: Vallivar System Sector Command
++++++++Received: New Praxis BG-82
+++++++++++Date: 4935998.M36
+++Telepathic Duct: Astropath-terminus Locion
++++++++++++Ref: THX - 1138
Thought for the Day: "If you want peace, prepare for war"

By the authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof) are classified information, for Field Marshal Straun eyes only. Priority Grade: Top Secret Chipmunk

Re: Latest reinforcement requests BG-82

Due to increased inter-system raiding only limited reinforcements are available. At this time no new regiments can be provided outside of the previously authorized reinforcements sent by Fantoma Command in route via Rogue Trader fleet. To ensure their safe journey, Imperial Navy Task Force 3535 has been provided as escorts. Afterwords they will remain in system to combat pirate incursions.

The following Fantoma units are currently in route, you are free to dispose of them as you see fit.

++ 2 Fantoma Drop Troop Companies
++ 1 Fantoma Armored Company

Be advised that these replacements are being transported by a Rogue Trader Duke von Stetson, as it appears that he has some agreement with the Fantoma Planetary Governor. No doubt it is only a cover to meet his own needs, but be carefull to learn any valuable information if you have the opportunity. Current status and numbers in the RT fleet are at this time unknown, as well as the number and type of ships being provided by the Imperial Navy. We expect all forces to be ready for departure within the next week, expected travel time, His most Holy Emperor willing, is 3 weeks Terra standard.

Lord General Sheridan


So what does all that mean in game terms? Well, it means that I hope to be getting back in BFG next year, and that I might just get around to painting up another platoon for my Drop Troops and add some more armor, with the plan to build a Super Heavy Tank Company. In addition I hope to make a small RT army using the rules from either the DH or WH codex's, and a mix of models from 40k and Fantasy.

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