16 October 2008

IG on Parade

Well I suppose it's about time to put up a photo of my entire army, and here it is. Dagger Company, 313th Fantoma Drop Troop Rgt. with supporting elements from the 3/73rd Armored Rgt. and 504th Special Assault Rgt.

As you can see there is still work to be done, I have 50 line troopers to paint, a platoon HQ, and a lot of bases to finish. In the end that will give me 3 Plt's of 3 Sqds, along with the HQ platoon maxed out with support squads. All of this combined makes up "Dagger Company". The armor belongs to the WIP armored Rgt 3/73, which will never be finished because it costs to much, but I hope to add at least another Leman Russ, 2 Bassies, and 2 more Chimeria's (which I still need a name for...). Needless to say I'm sure it'll take me till next summer to get it finished.

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