26 September 2008

Vergnitz IV pattern Chimera’s (part 2)

Well here's the latest update. It's been a busy week, so this is taking longer than I had hoped, but... Well I've got them pretty much done. I still need to finish the turrets, which I hope to do tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm going to have to arm them with Heavy Bolters because I don't have anymore Multilasers left in my bit-box, nor was I able to find any in bitz stores. Oh well, maybe I'll build a second set of turrets in the future.

As you can see in the first pic I've added the armor and rivets to the fronts of both Chimera's, but still need to do it to the sides. I ran out of rivets so I have to wait for the green stuff to set enough that I can start using it...

Here's a shot of the rear doors and front at the same time, I don't know why but it's one of my favorite pics... Egal, so tomorrow in addition to finishing off the turrets I also plan on at least getting the base coat put on, as I'm hoping to use them in a game on Saturday. Can't play with models looking like paper.

Regarding paper. Yup both of these, like all my scratch builds are done using cereal box and poster board. I know that my work is not the greatest, and for that reason I don't waste my money on plasticard. A cereal box works just as well, especially when you have to make pieces 2-3 times (I hit a quarter at 300 meters, but can't measure a 2 millimeters).

Well see ya'll next time.

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