23 September 2008

Vergnitz IV pattern Chimera’s (part 1)

Well I'm at it again, only this time I'm building 2 at a time. I really need to decide on a pattern name for these... Ideas anyone? After I'm done with these it's back to painting regular guardsmen for a while, as I still have about 50 to paint.

The first pic is just a shot of the track sections So it's not very interesting. I saved the templates from last time so this is actually going a lot faster than the first time. In all it took me an hour to get as far as I did tonight, whereas the first one took prolly 2 hours to get to this point. I've also used a heavier poster board for the roofs, as well as put support underneath. The first Chimera I built started to sag in the middle because of pressure as I pushed on it during the building process. I've also made the back a one piece instead of the earlier 2 piece design, and I think it looks a lot better this way. Well on to the pics.

The roofs are made out of a thicker poster board this time, and support from underneath to prevent sagging in the middle. In addition they are larger and made of one piece instead of 3 like the original.

Here you can see the one piece back. Sorry it's a little blurry, I didn't notice it until now.

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