06 March 2008

73rd Armored Rgt

Homeworld: Fantoma
Current Location: Vallivar Sub-System, Veiled Region, Segmentum Tempestus
Commander: Colonel Sterling

The 73rd Armored Regiment has fought for the Emperor for the last 13 years. The regiment is composed of 8 Armored Combat Teams(ACT), an ACT nominally consists of a tank company, Artillery platoon and in some cases one of the 3 Mechanized Infantry platoons that are part of the Regiement. In addition the Regiment had one Super Heavy Combat Team composed of 2x Baneblades, 1x Stormblade, 6x Malcadors and 2 Valdor tanks. The 73rd has been assigned to BG-82 since it's inception.

Rare in the Fantoma Regiments the 73rd was able to replenish and resupply 4 years ago as it crossed though the Vallivar system, this is the only reason the 73rd still fields 8 ACT's instead of five. The 73rd Armour is commanded by Colonel Reese, and his staff. During transit to their next war zone the regiment has been training in orbital drop scenario's as they will be required to drop right behind the 313th in the opening phases of the “Peninsula campaign” in the retaking of Arcturus.

A 12 year veteran of the 73rd Armoured Regiment Vet. Sgt. Kris Knebel has 168 confirmed kills, more than any other tanker assigned to the 73rd or those in the battle for Arcturus. Although a lowly trooper Sgt. Knebel is highly regarded by his superiors for his skill and dedication in destroying the enemy. He has worked his way up from the ranks filling ever position from driver, to loader and gunner; if not for his renegade streak, Knebel would have received a field promotion to the officer ranks many times over. Instead he is content to command the Leman Russ “Tigers Eye”.

313th Regimental History

Homeworld: Fantoma, Segmentum Tempestus
Current Location: Vallivar Sub-System, Veiled Region, Segmentum Tempestus
Commander: Colonel Pallidar
Motto: Faug a Balac “Clear the way”

The Fantoma 313th Drop Troop Regiment was grounded for the 46th time. With over 30,000 guardsmen, the largest of it's foundings to date. Under the command of veteran Colonel Argos, the regiment is deployed to the Planet Gaelos to assist in putting down local uprisings.

Reassigned to Battle Group 82, and joined with the Fantoma 73rd Armor Regiment the 313th take part in the Defense of Narvapol. Making 3 assault drops throughout the campaign the regiment losses almost 5000 troopers in the 2 year campaign.

During the Battle of Mainbaden Argos is takes command of BG82 and is advanced to Marshal, Colonel Pallidar takes over command of the 313th.

As part of BG-82 the 313th is deployed to the planet of New Praxis and act as the ready reserve, staging their deployments out of the Monument City space port. For the three years the regiment fought against traitor guardsmen loosing almost 20% of its force.


Reinforced with the remnants of the Rordonian 45th the 313th has spent the last year in transit preparing for the defense of Avenweddon, surprisingly located in a neighboring sub-sector from Vallivar. 

Battle Group 82

Designation: Battle Group 82 (BG-82)
Current Location: Vallivar Sub-System, Veiled Region, Segmentum Tempestus
Commander: Marshal Argos
Type: Combined Arms

Imperial Guard Composition:
313th Fantoma Drop Troop Regiment
327th Fantoma Infantry Regiment
7th Scansin Regiment of Foot
19th Scansin Lancers
73 Fantoma Armored Regiment

501st Storm Trooper Rgt. (3 Companies)

Space Marine Detachments:
Black Templars Crusade
Imperial Fists (1 Command Detachment)
Crimson Fists (1 Fast Attack Squad)


Data Restricted

Current Assignment: Under the command of Marshal Argos Battle Group 82 is currently operating in the Vallivar System located in the Veiled Region of Segmentum Tempestus.

Further Access Restricted
Departmento Munitorum auth. ref. THX - 1138