28 March 2016

7th Scansin (Scout Platoon) - Finished

"Sir the scouts report seeing enemy movement on the left flank. Initial reports estimate Platoon size force attempting to move up between us and the nineteenth."  

"When was this reported?"  Col. Sunderland asked as he strolled through his command tent., "You der?" he asked of an Aide standing nearby. "never-mind,  You go and get dem horse jockey's on da Vox and tell'em to be 'lert. It appears the enemy believes we're not up tada task.  Oh, and let dem Lancers know that we got troopers out der, we don't want one of our own gettin skewered. "

Sgt. Harley has been with the Regiment since it's founding.  He's one of the few troopers who grew up in the so called "Back 40" on Scansin, and brought a wealth of knowledge with him. Currently he is part of the Scout Training team and responsible for passing a bit of that knowledge on to the new scouts.
Trooper Vernon is your standard scout trooper.  Not very social, a little bit introverted, and always on the sidelines where he can see what is going on. The scouts are the eye's and ear's of the Regiment, and should be able to hear and see all.

Trooper Basler is your typical "Cherry". He's just made it out of the annual Scout trials and is working hard to impress his Instructors. What he doesn't yet know is that before he is truly a part of the scout platoon he has to finish a 6 month probationary period.

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