21 May 2015

7th Scansin Heavy Weapons

Here's the first finished heavy weapons teams for the 7th Scansin.  The weapons are just clipped in so that I can swap them out for Las-Cannons if need be.  In total I plan on doing up 2 more Teams, but those will be static Mortar teams and won't be able to swap the weapons.

These will be my counts as Heavy Bolters

The models themselves I purchased through a Kickstarter from Curious Constructs. They are now available for direct purchase from the web store as well, as I have picked up a few extra pieces for the ones that I have. As I mentioned in some earlier posts, the models were great, easy to prep, and a joy to paint.  
And of course these are Auto Cannons.
 Once I get a bit of time in between getting the Macharius done, I'll start work on the other weapons for these, along with the Mortar Teams.

* and I'll see ya in a week or so, I'm outta here for a week.


  1. Yayyy ! More iggies !

    I really like those wheeled carriages,

  2. Thanks. The carriages are some of my favorite models as well. I'm still trying to decide if I need more or if I should just leave the weapons swappable and use these over again.