15 January 2015

1st game in 7th (Preparations)

Sir, we've had several reports of aliens moving through the grids 45 and 46.  Unfortunately we haven't had regular patrols out that area for several weeks now due to a shortage of troopers.  Shall we send a squad out to investigate?  asked Lt. Wilbert

Col. Sunderland thought, "hmm.. that's the border between the 313th's area of responsibility and our correct?" 

Yes sir, shall that be a problem?

I just hope we get the support we need in case it's more than some local vermin. "It shouldn't be, but I don't want those drop troopers jumping the gun at the first sound of las-fire and over reacting like last time.  Send a request up the Group HQ, requesting a mounted troop of Lancers to check it out.  Have the staff contact the 313th, maybe we can agree to set up a joint operation." Replied Sutherland. 


On Friday I'll finally be getting my first game in 2015, and with 7th Edition, in at a local gaming club.  1500Pts vs. Tyranids.  hmmm..  I'm thinking I might just have to find space for the Avenger in there.

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  1. You know what is better than an Avenger...two Avengers! Depending on your opponent, prepare for some fun FMC action.