06 November 2014

19th Scansin Lancers

 Finished!  I finished up the bases and detailing over the weekend. Mostly it was doing the buckles and Aquila's on their kit.  The all got a Las-Pistol added but not all of them were able to get a chain-sword, due to a lack of supplies from the Munitorium. A new Request has been prepared but needs to be signed off by Marshal Argos.

The last two shots are simply showing a bit more detail of the one of the troopers.  Not really much to see but they show the Chainsword and Laspistol. If you look closely you can even see the "G" in the Pennant.  

Yes, I based the Pennant on the Green Bay Packers along with the Regiment Number 19, and yes that's where the Planet name "Scansin" also has it's roots. 

02 November 2014

Unexpected Reinforcements

Forge World Macharius Vanquisher
Well I'll be a monkeys uncle!

I've been reading "WeeMen" for a while now, not always online, but it's on my list of RSS feeds.  And I've always tried to "join" each of the blogs that I read of RSS.  It just makes sense for me, even if I don't post on every Blog I read.  So when I saw that they reached 500 Posts, I headed over to say congrats and see that they're doing a give away..  I also see that I never "joined" there site, sooo  After joining and posting a comment I sat back and said "naja, when I hit a big number like that I should do the same."  I really never expected to have my name drawn.

Well my name was drawn, and she's on her way to the "Vallivar Sub-System* as I write this. Once offloaded she'll be assigned to the 73rd Armored and receive the new color scheme required in the current theater of operations.

Unboxing WIP pics to follow.

Thanks again to WeeMen!