19 October 2014

19th Scansin Lancers - Almost there

Lt. Carey leads the troopers of 1st team G Troop on the exercise field.  Visibly noticeable is the lack of training that the 19th Scansin was able to perform with their mounts while traveling to the theater of war. Although the 19th spent more than the required time training for "Infantry Operations" a mere fraction of their allocated riding time was able to be carried out.  This due largely to the Imperial navy being unwilling to convert a portion of the troop deck to a training area for horses.

So these guys are getting closer to being done. There a few minor details that need to be painted and of the most obvious, the bases..  I'm hoping to have these knocked out by the end of the week and then it's back to the Avenger for a bit before I start on the 7th Scansin's heavy weapons.

Sgt. Ellwood  With his Chainsword at the ready repeating his Lieutenant's order to "Charge". 

11 October 2014

19th Mynvody Re-Org (change to my army background fluff)

So I've been thinking 'bout this for a long time, and it's always bothered me a bit that the 19th Mynvody come from...  well Mynvody.  I'd like to trim up my fluff and I'm finding hard to write background on "x" different planets all located in or around the same sub-sector.  That being the case, I'm going to hold onto the planet of Mynvody, but remove all reference to them producing Guard Regiments.

That said, the 19th Mynvody are going to be re-flagged as the 19th Scansin. :) It not only makes it easier for me and my background fluff but also because I was never a big fan of the Green Uniforms.  Along with the change of homeworlds, I'm also changing the Troop designation from Echo Troop to Golf or G Troop.  First  up is going to a Lieutenant, with no name as of  yet, in game terms he's going to fill the slot of Sergeant, but we'll see how that develops.

As you can see I've changed their uniform colors, but retained the white and yellow trimming.  The rest of the troop will get the same treatment shortly, and I hope to have them done within a fortnight.

So above you can see a Trooper of  "G Troop, 19th Scansin Lancers".  I've also picked up a few pistols and chainswords from Curios Constructs and will be adding these over the course of the week. The problem I now have that the Curios Constructs is set to release the following heads.  (Link to Original Post)
After seeing these I'm sorely tempted to replace my Rough Rider Heads....