01 February 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 3)

Here she is 95% finished.  The only thing that is missing are the hard point weapons under the wings.  As I stare at the picture writing this, I do believe that the mini-gun is just a tad bit off-kilter. Hmm, maybe I do still have a bit to do yet. 

Test fitting the cockpit parts and the canopy's. I was a bit worried at first because the front canopy was warped, but a bit of hot water cleared that up in a jiffy. I'm thinking about reworking the defensive stubber though. The ammunition belts at the rear of the gun pretty much block the gunners entire control panel.  Not sure how I'll do it yet but I've got a few ideas. 

 Start of my Green Stuff work around the engines.  Twas a pain in the arse to get in there with Liquid Green stuff.  Especially that Liquid GS is a bit old, and not what it once was.  Does anyone know if you can use a bit of water to bring that stuff back to life?

 Not only can you see my horrible green stuff job, (no it's not finished) I really had to pack it in there and trying to clean up the leftovers wasn't easy.  It probably would have been easier to use real green stuff and not liquid GS like I tried at the beginning.  Oh, and as I started to say, now you can see the start of the interior color.

I read a hobby/modeling magazine here (art of Modelling) and they had a Mig-21 painted up with a "Sky Blue" interior, and just sorta fell in love with the way it looked.  That means though that mine won't be Sky Blue, and it won't look as sexy, but it'll get the job done.

And last but not least, as I mentioned in the last few posts, I've been working out of a box in the living room these last few weeks.  Well now that my family has returned to the frozen tundra just south of Lambeau Field, I was able to put my desk back together, which of course enabled me to clean it off.
Now my table is all ready to get filled up with Imperial Guard goodness, and I can get back to a little hobby time!


  1. Looking spot on. How much of a pain was this to build? Or was it jsut the usual FW fun?

    1. It was pretty much the usual FW fun. It needed a bit of gap filler, and the usual sanding/flash removal, but for the most part it went together quite well.

  2. I think these are horrendously ugly. But the more see them, the more I want one. (or two).

    Well done with the LGS though, I usually rely on the undercoat to cover such blemishes.

    1. You know, when I first saw this thing I agreed with you. I could only think "GW, WTF were ya thinking." Then slowly over time I began to love her beauty.

  3. I love the look her look. It's a great mix of historic fighter and sci-fi.
    Well done on the build.
    I hate Liquid Green Stuff by the way. If you need to fill something the normal Green Stuff seems to be so much easier. I'm sure it all just personal preference though.

  4. There's something futuristicly brutal about them. I'm trying to convince the other half to let me buy one soon!