05 January 2014

Aerial Support

Imperial Naval Squadron VF-8455 "Nomads"

Imperial Naval Squadron's VF-8454 "Shadowhawks" and VF-8455 "Nomads" have been assigned to the House Villeneuve Trader Fleet* for nearly 5000 years. The Shadowhawks are equipped with the Fury Interceptor while the Nomads are equipped with Avenger Strike Fighter "ASF-Mk3a". 

After a day or two of cutting and sanding down all the "flash", I finally got her all washed up and as you can see all I have to do now is wait till tomorrow and the assembly can begin.  Outside of the standard weapons I'm thinking of magnetizing the 2nd pair of hard points so that I can either equip it with missile launchers or with Hellfury/Hellstrike missiles. 

As for a color scheme, I've been thinking about something like this. Not that I'm great with an air brush or anything but I think it would look pretty good. 
Image found on the Internet

* More on this at a later date...


  1. ohhhh! that kit is mad. So so jealous. Post a WIP as you get it together please.

    1. I also love the kit, and was so thrilled when the wife said I could pick it up. I'll do my best to get WIP shots as assembly starts.

  2. Niiiiiiice! Really looking forward to seeing it come together!

  3. Some of my favourite FW models are from their IG Naval range.

    Excited to see your take.