11 May 2013

Echo Troop (Rough Riders)

Don't you just hate it when you start a post and then forget about it...  Well here's the first 6 of my Rough Riders, the other 4 are still being assembled.  The heads have also been changed to the "Picklehaube" version from Curious Constructs.


Watching Echo Troop file past Marshal Argos began to wonder if Task Force 82 would ever reach it's full strength.  Up until now he barely had 3 combat effective Regiments.  In less than 2 months the Task Force was going to be required to go on the offensive in the ongoing "Avenweddon Crisis".   

"They're looking better each day" said Argos as he turned to his Regimental Commanders, "but will they be ready to fight.  Turning in and and re-dressing on the parade field is well and good but can the troopers do it under stress, under the guns of the enemy?"


  1. Very nice! I'm liking these a lot, I'm a big fan of CC and those knotted Hussar tunics. Good job

  2. These are coming along beautifully! They are some very nice cavalry, Argos should be pleased.
    Incidentally, I think you will enjoy working with the Picklehaube, just don't forget to fill in the tiny gap above the right ear on a few of them. I forgot and only noticed it after I had finished painting mine.

  3. Those Picklehauben really are nice! I've got to get some updated photos pasted, but "I" think they came out quite well.

    I got lucky as well, because Col. Gravis noticed the gaps a while back and has been sending the orders out with 2 extra loose head for those that don't want to fill the games.