26 March 2013

The War of Avenweddon

Oh what have I gotten myself into...

 (Isn't that Warhound a looker!)

 So I have yet to play a game in 6th, and to get me back into the game I have decided to get in on a game of 40k Apoc in 2 weeks at the local club.  This will be 3rd time that they've done this and the 2nd one that I've joined in on.  I really need to get rolling if I am going to get my Army ready in time.  It's not that I have to finish my army, but more that I have to get the army list done, and also get the entire army put back together..

Here's a another shot from the 1st Apoc game at the local club, and no I am not in any of the photos.

Hmm...  I wonder if I can knock out my Rough Rider squad in 2 weeks  ;)

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