08 July 2012

New Air Brush

So I picked up a new airbrush a couple weeks ago and finally had the chance to try it out the other day.  I'll admit it's a beginner's class starter kit from Revell.  But I am just a beginner with one of these so I don't mind at all.  Besides it's there to help m repaint all my armour, and as you can see in the two pics below it works wonders.  It's super easy to use, and feels quite comfortable in the hand.  The trigger on top is easy to push so you don't have to squeeze hard at all.

 The clip in the front is for the paint jar so and feels quite balanced in the hand.  He only issue I had was that I originally didn't have  enough paint in the jar (I was only testing it) an I found that rotated the gun to achieve different angles I would loose the paint... 

So anyways heres the progress of tank one after 20 minutes time painting and a bit of drying time between 3 layers.  

Yes I said 3 layers.  Black, Dark Green, hairspray with salt, and the 3rd layer of lighter green. And all that with a painting time of 20 minutes!!!   Love this thing!!!

Here's my only worry..  how long does one of these cans last? 

 More news and pics as I get further along.


  1. If it helps, apparently the GW hose has the same adapter as a car tyre innertube, so you can keep inflating one of them and using the air from it as it deflates.

    Might be worth checking out...

  2. Thanks Drax, but how long would you be able to keep up the pressure? I like the canned air because I can still control the pressure a bit.

  3. No idea, mate - just something I read!

    Maybe if you sat on the innertube whilst painting...?!

    Yup: that'd be an entirely sensible way to get a good, steady hand.

    Of course, the really sensible answer is to buy a cheap electrical compressor. Let's say you can pick one up for thirty-five quid: even buying cheap cans of compressed air it will have paid for itself by the sixth can. And those things are so mechanically simple they last for years!