01 September 2010

Exterminator Update pt. 4

Had a bit of time (a lot) so as you can see from the pics I got a lot done. Did the rivets, base coats, sealed, GS fixes, damage, and started on the detailing/weathering process... The sides are quite plain and will stay that way. To be honest I figured as long as they're going to be covered up by the side skirts there's no need to make them overly detailed. 

 There's still a ton of work to be done with the weathering and detailing.  More paint chips and wear and tear, along with a coat of Codex Grey, and eventually a black Camo pattern, although the pattern on these are going to differ from the tanks I've already done.
 and here's the side skirts


  1. They look great! Out of interest, how much have they cost overall? And are they cardstock over the rhinos, or did you use plasticard? Keep up the great work :)

  2. Your tanks are coming together very nicely indeed! I like the unique chassis shape even more with the paint on cos everything looks seamless.

  3. Thanks Gents!! Got a bit of work done last night as well. Camo scheme is now painted on and worked a bit more on the weathering. Pics should be up in the next few days.

    @Thompson. So far these are completely Cereal Box over the old rhinos, so total cost I guess would be around $16 for 3 boxes of cereal (you want to plan ahead so your not eating all the cereal at once) and 2 autocannon's.

  4. These are very good overall. Considering the material and the low cost involved it would make them excellent indeed.

  5. Those are nice looking Vergnitz IVs. :)

    Especially the Turret is an accurate tribute to the original lost form the age of technologie.