24 August 2010

Exterminator Update

 Here's an updated pic of the Vergnitz IV pattern Exterminator.  I haven't really worked on them to much as I'm STILL waiting on bitz...  :(  (see below) I did a quick mock-up of the how the sideskirts will look, with more detail in the finished product of course.   Added some vision slits to the side of the turret, and that about it.  Of course the other 2 now look exactly like this one only without the main gun.  For those of you who haven't voted in the poll look to the right and have a vote.  I'm trying to determine where the best location for the turret hatch to be placed.


** If you don't want to read the rant stop here and vote before you leave.

Why the hell does it take so long for some bitz companies to ship their orders, and whatever happened to timeliness?  I ordered bitz for this project from 3 different companies, I prefer to use one, but when NOBODY has all the parts I need in stock than you do whatcha gotta do.   The thing is though is that 2 of the companies have at least shipped my orders, and I know it takes up to 2 weeks to get to Germany even though England is a stone throws away.  I mean post from the states gets here faster than from England....   The 3rd company (also outa the UK) hasn't even acknowledged my order, even though they took my money.  So I guess I'll wait a few more days than try contacting them again, before going through my credit card to get my money back. 

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