27 August 2010

Exterminator Update (3)

Well there we have it, the masses (all 18 of you) have voted and the hatch is going to be slightly offset as seen in the photos above and below.   Along side you can see that I've started the detailing.  Little things like the sideskirts, headlights, hand grips and rivets, and rivets and yet more rivets to come.  

  Once I've got all the rivets in place I'll seal the models with at least 2 coats of Testors clear coat.  After that I'll green stuff the mistakes.   When working with paper and GS I've found that when sanding down the GS it will ruin the paper.  To help keep this from happening I coat everything in at least 2 coats of clear coat first, then apply the GS and then sand it down.  This way you sand down the GS even with the clear coat instead of wrecking the paper.
  After that's done move on to base coating and painting like normal.


  1. The tanks are lookin' really really good!! The details, especially the hatches give the tanks character and authenticity. Can't wait to see them painted up :)

  2. Thanks!!! I got a most of the GS work and about half the rivets on today, so I'm hoping to get them at least base coated in the next day or two if the weather is good.