20 February 2010

Removable Titan Weapons (pt. 6)

Don't you just hate weapons that are stuck in place?  So do I, so I wanted something different for my Warhound. What I decided on was use using 4 magnets and 1 ping pong ball for each arm.   I cut the ball in half, and sealed 2 magnets inside and glued it to the arm.  Now these 2 magnets inside are free, meaning they are not glued in place, you can hear them rattle around in the ball.  
The 2nd two magnets are glued on the outside part of the other half of the ball, and then mounted under the shoulder on the Warhound.  Outside is important because you want the two halves of the ball to be able to rotate inside of each other.
 By not gluing the 2 magnets inside the arm, it allows the arm to rotate, as the magnets always pull together you can position the arm anyway you want: up, down, left or right.  Above you can see how the other half is mounted inside the shoulder.   The next photos are of both weapons arms mounted and then a 2nd shot with all the pieces separated. 
 So for any of you how there who are thinking about building one of these I hope this can be useful to you!


  1. This is an astonishing bit of work. Really just amazing. I'm blown away.

    I'm really looking forward to watching how this develops.

  2. I plan to make one of my own at some point, possibly a Banelord of Khorne if I have the confidence so I may be contacting you for a bit of advice a bit further down the line.

    Looking awesome so far, and I really like the use of a ping-pong ball for the magnetic arms.


  3. Thanks for the complements I now have a big head... ;) Really though feel free to contact me when you start yours. Who knows a 2nd idea might just open the doors to a 3rd which is better than both of the first two.

  4. Very good idea. I wish I would have though of this sooner before I did mine a bit different. They are magnetized but only can rotate on the horizontal axis.