07 February 2010

Warhound Princeps (3)

A titan, one of the most powerful war machines ever created by humans is commanded by a Princeps.   He holds destruction in the wisp of a thought as he controls the titan through the MIU, a simple thought can bring the titan to full out run, or fire one of its massive weapon arms.  Shown above Zachariah "Iron" Sterling, Princeps of the Warhound Titan Canis Vulpis.  Right after I painted this I decided the yellow cuffs needed something else so I added black braiding, and then the camera died, so at some point I'll update the photo.   He has a SM head, WH Fantasy chest, greenstuffed arms and epaulets, and the hands and legs are from the sentinel pilot sprue.

Moderati crew, I used SM heads and filed down the bottom to fit the Sentinel bodies.  I then used green stuff to make a little bit of chest armor and to get the arms to fit correctly.  The cockpit itself is just cardboard, and bits from various kits.

Here's a better shot of the cockpit and controls.  You'll also notice a magnet on the back, currently the head is magnetized for painting but I'll remove the magnet and glue the head in place once it's finished being painting, which at the rate I paint could be a bit.

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