26 February 2010

Marshal Argos and Body Guards


Here's my IG General "Marshal Argos" and his bodyguard.  In game terms he counts as Creed and the two bodyguards are... well bodyguards.  He's been shown here before so the focus isn't really on him, but the guy on the right.  He's finally finished, after 2 years and umpteen different weapon arms he is finally staying exactly as you see him below.

He's depicted the carrying the combat banner for Battle Group 82, newly formed under the command of Marshal Argos.  Eventually I want to do up a spiffier one looking more like a display banner but that will probably be done after another year or two of kicking around ideas in my head.


  1. Great looking troops ...

    I love the bodyguards

  2. Very nice - great use of the old guard models!