21 October 2009

Manticore Missle Launcher (part 1.5)

Well as promised here's a few more pics of the Manticore I've been working on.   As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post the missile launcher is from Old Crow Models and really is a superb cast.  There was no flash at all on the turret and little bit on the missiles themselves.  Now compared to the FW Manticore it may not be quite as detailed and is just a little bit smaller, but fits perfectly on the chimera.  The only issue was the base, as it didn't really fit with any of the Rhino top  that I wanted to use it with, so for now it's just set on top until I figure a good way to do it. 

You can see the launcher on the left and the missiles on the right in the photo above.  The middle part is the base that I'll be using to fit onto the back of my Chimera.  This way I can use the Chimera in normal games or just add the missile launcher turret if I want to.  The small radar is also removable so that I can put the normal Chimera turret there.

And here you can see about what it will look like when it's done.  I'm still working on the missile and rails so they're just sitting next to the tank for now.  Oh, and don't worry the tank itself isn't finished either so just ignore the spots with sloppy painting.

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