31 August 2009

Marshal Argos (Part 2)

Well I had a couple of hours today to do some painting, and below are the results. The pics didn't turn out as well as I wanted them though and to be honest I don't have the time now to go back and retake them. Here's hoping to good weather tomorrow so I can get new photos.

So seeing that I was unable to decide where to go with the colors I started digging around old photographs and painting of Russian generals in the 1800's. The paint job so far is where it has lead me.

The white pants need to redone... My white was a little thicker than I wanted so it's been thinned out now and I'll finish that part later. The face and hands only have base colors, and I still need to go in and shade a few of the ribbon/jewels on his uniform. The base is only temporary until I decide how I want to base him for good.

Hope you guys like 'em...

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