23 August 2009

FAO Finished, Inquisitor started...

Well I finally got around to basing my FAO this weekend. With that process done "Maj. Niven" of the 73rd Armored Regiment is finished. Now I just have to wait until the glue on the base dries and he'll be spirited off into the black case of stagnant death, otherwise known as my carrying case. So named because I haven't had a game in almost a month (more on that in a later post), but enough of that lets move on to the pictures.

All things considered I didn't really spent a lot of time on this guy. He's not my General, nor a major leader in my army. In fact I'm not really sure if I'll use him outside of Apoc games.

I like this model, but don't like the rules for him, last edition I had a model painted up in the 73rd's colors in my HQ as well, but only for fluff reasons as an Armored Liaison officer. Maybe I'll continue to do the same thing now. Ah yes, the famous 73rd Unit markings on his shoulder.

And his fancy dancy radio.

Ooooohhh... Aaaaahhhhhh.... That's right, here's my Inquisitor and he's blue. I always liked the artwork of Inquisitor Hand, so I used it as inspiration for this guy. He doesn't have a name yet, nor is he finished, the bolter and missing hand/book both need to be finished.

and his trusty sidekick the Astropath/Psyker/Mystic dude. This guy will change roles about as often as we change the TP, depending on which army he's in. My goal is to build a DH and WH warband, where he will be one of the Inquisitorial Henchmen, and in my IG army he'll either be my Astropath or Primaris Psyker. For some reason "Bob" sounds a like a good name, doesn't he look like a Bob to you?


  1. Nice models mate, I like the shoulder flash quite a lot.

  2. Hey thanks, I should say the same thing about your tanks! I’ve been eying them up the last few weeks! What I really need to do is start painting more so I can get into the swing of things again as I gear up to do the war band for the Inquisitor.