09 June 2009

Incoming… Part 2

Well after short vacation in Rome and a week where I just couldn't bring myself to do any modeling I finally picked up the knife and brush. Below you can see the results. I really didn't do all that much, the biggest change of course is the grey paint, it tends to make the model look better than just cardboard. Believe it or not I've actually had people complain about my models when they see it's out of cardboard, but then praise the work when it's been painted grey... hmmm... anyways..

I also re-did the the crew armor on the front corners. If you compare this shot with the original WIP you'll notice that it's now sloped to the rear instead of being being vertical. There was just something that was bothering me everytime I looked at it and suddenly a flash went off and noticed it.

Well the here's the rivets, ran out of plastcard this morning doing this side so had to buy some. The rest is now done as well I just didn't want to take new pics to show a couple of rivets. I also did the side armor which is to say I cut ot the same shapes that the armor normally is and put it there instead. I really hate the way the side of a Chimera sticks out like that, and although the new Chimera side appear to be smaller they still bother me, so they just get plates instead. Oh, and side access doors have been misplaced so they got temperory covers until I find the proper ones.

And a shot of the interior, since I took the photo I moved the magnet for the radio back about 1.5 cm, I relized after looking at the picture that it was to far forward. The ledges on the sides (with magnets) are there to hold the gun crew once they get done. I also used magnets on the main gun and stubber so that they can be removed for transport and in the case of the stubber be removed when I don't feel like using it in-game.


  1. Very Nice!
    In the distant Future I plan on making a Bombard/Colossus. I'll be looking back here for some inspiration as I add an enclosed crew compartment.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad I could be an inspiration, I have no idea how many people I've gotten ideas from over the years.