05 April 2009

Things to come

Well with the coming of a new codex I thought I would make a few addition to my guard. The first is going to be a new Regimental Banner, as seen below. I'm not done with the back but I plan on putting the names of the cities I've played in sort of like battle honors. So far I can add Waukesha WI, Fayetteville NC, Baltimore MD, Baghdad, Frankfurt DE, and Bielefeld DE. I started doing this a few years ago, but the old banner is just to small to write it out. Hence the new banner. OH, and an internet cookie to who ever knows what the motto means....

And here's the first three mini's from my Mech Infantry Platoon. 6th Plt, 3rd Rifles, 73rd Armored Rgt. What you see in the pic is the Plt Ldr, a Sgt, and a normal trooper. They are still WIP as you can see from the pic but wanted to give everyone an idea as to what I'll be working on next.

Oh, and before anyone says or even thinks "95th Rifles" or "Sharpe" I have something to say. My inspiration for these came from 3rd ACR "Brave Rifles" and "2nd Light Bn. Kings German Legion", and was something I had working on the back burner for about a year now. I didn't even know about the Sharpe series until a few days ago when I saw this blog "Mordian 95th Rifles" and had to go find out what it is. That said, I've seen the parts of the first episode and it's not that bad. If I had known about the 95th and the Sharpe movies prior to coming up with my ideas for fluff for these guys or the paint scheme are anything else I prolly would have gone in an entire different direction.

Anyways, comments and criticism are always welcome.


  1. The mini's look great, love the history for the banner, the Sharpe series is a bit low budget but Sean Bean is iconic in it. The (15 or so) books by Bernard Cornwell are much better and paint a good old hero/villian/gets girl/huge battle view of the Penninsula Wars from the 1800's, he even goes to Trafalgar. Enjoyable read for the plane/bus inbetween tournements etc.

  2. I love the freehand on the shoulderpads, is it possible to have a close up on it?

    Overall wonderful miniatures there. I hope to paint up my platoon soon!